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Funny Jokes In Urdu and English Laugh of loud

Funny urdu jokes Doctor and patient funny Joke
Patient: I am playing cricket in dream
Doctor: I am giving you medicine, you will be OK
Patient: But doctor, today I will not take medicine
Doctor: But why
Patient: Because may be today I make a century

FunnyJungle Joke
Once a father and son lost in jungle, it became dark but they didn’t found the way, then father asked his son
“ My son go and tell you mother that we have lost the way, I will come when I find way”

Funny Ghost Joke
Once it was popular about bungalow that ghosts live here. Two friends went there to investigate. One knocked the door, a man came out
He asked “ is there any ghosts”
Man replied “ I don’t know about because I am died before 10 years”

Just imagine life without girls ( Funny )
The result = markets silent, street empty, police at rest, all mobile companies in loss
No sms no flowers, no velintines, no candles, no perfumes , no traveling,
All men direct to heaven

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